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Stuff that I’ve been working on


Here’s a selection of some recent work. I always try to keep up to date.



Logo, Web design & Inbound Marketing


I worked designing their logo and developing their online store. Big part of this job was

taking pictures, editing videos and develop online marketing and e-commerce strategies,

social media, blog posts, and more.



Inbound Marketing


Facturama is a 500 startups company in the fintech cagtegory.

Facturama is an electronic invoice platform that helps +10,000 customers in México.



Inbound Marketing & Sales Training


Edlio is an international company that develops a CMS for Schools,

helping them with effective communications between school personnel,

parents, teachers and students in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Centro Eleia

Inbound Marketing


This is a University dedicated to Psychology studies, they have a wide

offer like Courses, Diplomas, Careers, Masters and PhDs. I’ve been

helping them by increasing and retaining their alumni.



Instituto Cancún LaSalle

Inbound Marketing & Growth Driven Design


I work directly with the IT department of the school and together

we came with a design based on how parents browse through

the information on their site and we are growing the number of leads each month.


Logo & Web design


I had the opportunity of develop this fun project since the beginning. I participated

designing their logo, the website and their t-shirts. A big part of the job involved

brand awareness, getting traffic for the website with social media marketing

strategies and the most important of it, get them a lot of sales!


CrossFit HMO

Web design


CrossFit HMO contacted me to give a fit and fresh concept to their

website.  I opted for a little bit more aggressive look to express

better the CrossFit culture and the challenge it represents.


Estudio Kaleidoscopio

Web redesign &
E-commerce integration


This furniture design studio needed to take their store to the next level.

The project involved taking every picture of the furniture and their new arrivals.

I got to integrate woocommerce to their wordpress site and give it a new look

according to the new image they wanted to show.


Politiks 360º

Web design


This website was little bit challenging because politics are serious, right?

Political marketing is different, I had to make them stand among the others. 


Academia Mexicana de Pediatría, A.C.

Web design


One of the best customers I ever had, they are currently working and updating

their info. Most of the work is when they have their annual conference,

there’s a lot to do so people can sign up online and print their certificates.



Logo, Web design & Inbound Marketing


This is my main project, this is where I deposit all my daily effort. I run this agency.