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Well, as the title says, this is my first post, I’m really excited to be building my personal website.

Let me introduce my self, I’m a 33 year old Mexican entrepreneur, I’m a lawyer by profession but an online marketeer in the field, I’ve been passionate about computers from the very first time I saw one back in 1993, I got my first computer until 1995 it was an Intel 486 PC just before the Pentium was released.

My mother always thought I was gonna be a computer engineer, but my stubborn head never wanted to do anything with math (I was really good though), anyway I’m here and I’ve been helping startups to grow since 2008 applying online marketing strategies.

Here, you’ll be able to find some news about Inbound Marketing, how to improve your website with SEO, how to post on your blog, Dos and Don’ts in social media, and way much more.

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